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{CC} - {CN}
Confidence level selfie
im like a stiletto in a room full of flats
Yes Im single and you
If youre testing my
Hold Up Let Me Drink
but did you die
Life update still a mess
are they still bad habits
please cancel my subscription
Sassy Since Birth  3
Why Limit Happy
I Kinda Dont Care
So aparently I have
wtfing my way through life
Dont Be A Karen  3
Classy not trashy
i dont always roll a joint
I speak fluent sarcasm 01
can t touch this 01
Did I roll my eyes
Overthink this
All These Flavours
Sorry I cant make it
i want pizza not your opinion 01
Gosh being a princess is
Sorry I Tried
Dont study me
me sarcastic never 01
Selectively Social
oh for fox sake 01
Life Update
sass mode on
Not a control freak
it s a tea shirt 01
Out of my way I got
id like to cancel and refund this adulthood thing
spicy disaster
omg no one cares 01
Too bad I dont care
SC Kinda Classy Kinda Hood
Cancel my subscription
Sassy Since Birth  2
Keep Talking
Excuse you
Mouth doesnt say it
i came i saw i had anxiety
low key tired high key also tired
If you dont like me
Dont Be A Karen
Mood Naah
I speak fluent sarcasm
Life is short smile while
Listen I still want
Two words one finger
Not Today Karen
Sunshine mixed with
Good heart but
Im silently correcting your
Zero fox given
nope youre wrong
If you come really close
Pro in Procrastinate
i need a huge amount of money
Sunshine mixed with hurricane
I have it all together
I cant my kids have practice
Im not responsible for what
Everyone was thinking it
Be Savage not average
where is the unsubscribe button to adulthood
Sweet And Psycho
fifty shades of dark circles
Binge Watching
act like a lady think like a boss 01
I hope you drown
A sass a day keeps
Zero fox given  for black
being a functional adult excessive
Oh darling go buy
Dont Be A Karen  2
I dont treat people badly